Amanda Bynes; waiting for DUI Charges

Former Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes refused to take a breathalzyer test or a blood test after being arrested for DUI. Under California Law, an individual is required to take such tests after being arrested for DUI or suspicion of it. The star should expect this charge to come in after two weeks.


Amanda has been in several reported car incidents. To mention, there’s that time when she ran her car into a police patrol vehicle in West Hollywood.  Also, that time when she ran her car into a curb while texting on her phone. She has indeed been booked and arrested for DUI charges more than once but the experiences haven’t taught her much though. She has been seen walking into clubs and partying as soon as she walks out of jail.


Amanda however has been MIA for over a week but once she gets another DUI charge or anything of that sort, she’s bound to make the headlines and we’ll be sure to let you in with the details.