Catwoman is a much coveted role and Warner Brothers has awarded it to Anne Hathway. Other actresses who have played Catwoman in old Batman movies are Halle Berry, Michelle Pfieffer, and Julie Newman. Other actresses who were considered to play the role in The Dark Knight Rises were Jessica Biel, and Kiera Knightley but Anne Hathway emerged on top and will be acting opposite Christian Bale.


There have been many interpretations to the role of Selina Kyle or her alter-ego; Catwoman. Michelle Pfieffer’s take on the role became a symbol of female empowerment. It resulted to such because of Selina Kyle’s background as a meek secretary who almost died after being left for dead.  Turning into Catwoman, she broke away from that image and toughened up. To have a sneak peak on Anne’s take on the role, you can take a look on the movie’s trailer which was released last April 30. 

It is clear that there are a number of viewers and critics who are skeptic with Anne playing the part. Some have even made up their minds that the movie won’t be a hit because it’s a miscast. Anne is after-all known for her cute-sie role in the Princess Diaries. It is because of that they find it difficult to see her portray a strong character. But note that Anne has grown through the years since she starred in that Disney Movie. She has definitely taken on bigger roles and in different movie genres making her fans smile, cry, laugh, and love her even more. This definitely shows her flexibility as an actress!  It is already evident that she will bring a new flavour to the character and that’s something everyone must look out for! Anne Hathaway could just be a more sexy, sultry, and sly catwoman as she finds herself in the presence of an excellent director, and a great team.  See for yourself as The Dark Knight Rises will be in theatres on July 20.