Victoria Beckham admits to being too busy with her children that she found herself in an unforgettable incident. Her task was to drop off her son Brooklyn to school that day. She thought she had everything in the bag and that everything is going the way it’s supposed to.  Victoria  was also able to place  Harper and her car seat in the Range Rover, plugged in her ipod and drove off to school.

When they were half way to school, Victoria  realizes that the child she was going to drop of to school was left in the kitchen. She was frazzled and instantly turned around, went back home to pick her son up and drop him off to school this time.


Forgetful Victoria , alright. But things like this can happen to sleep deprived moms. With this incident, it’s evident that she’s handling a handful at home.


It may be time to call on David for some back-up?