This insane group has great news to share. Well, for some of their fans, one fact may be dampening but they can get over it quickly and continue to support these five awesome dudes!


First off, AJ Mclean and his wife who were married last Dec. 2011 posted a youtube video sharing the best thing that has happened for the couple. They are now expecting a baby!


AJ, being the last Backstreet Boy who  recently took the plunge into marriage has strengthened his relationship with Rochelle  Karidis and the two are excited to embark on this new journey together.


Congratulations AJ and Rochelle!


Fans of the boys should continue to rejoice and cheer on the group  despite losing AJ to marriage. The fifth member of the group, one who has been absent for a good number of years is returning! The official announcement of Kevin Richardson returning to the Backstreet Boys happened in London while the boys were on stage and are in the middle of The New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys Tour.


Continue to be blown away by this group and remember that Nick hasn’t tied the knot with anyone just yet!