Four year old twins will be joining Jennifer Lopez on her  with Enrique Iglesias on July 14, later this year.

It will be  their first time to travel with their mother as she tours across the  US and Canada this summer.  

Famous American Idol judge says that she’ll be playing mom after her performances on stage. This too is also a first for her and she is unaware of how things will go for both parties. Jennifer Lopez has much experience on the road being an international touring performer but this is her first time to tour with her children and challenges may be met along the way.

If in case things don’t go well for her and her children, JLo says that her twins can stay with their grandmother. If they don’t develop a liking for the touring life or if they need to take a break from it, they can always visit JLo’s mother while she finishes her tour. Though there are no talks about Marc Anthony being a part of her tour, another option for the twins is to stay with their father. This isn’t a problem as both parties; Jennifer and Marc have decided not to fight over the custody of their children. 

JLo assures her fans that no matter how touring goes with her children, they should all look forward to the music she and Enrique will be giving them during the tour. They’ll be singing the best of their songs in high energy with dance moves to match. All their fans can expect an amazing, amazing tour!